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Meet our 2016 Development Partners

Soulardarity, Readyo Radio and Conscious Community Cooperative (C3 Enterprises)


Your tax-deductible contribution to The Cooperation Group will ensure that our 2016 Development Partners have the foundation they need to become successful cooperative businesses and incubators.  These groups demonstrate the commitment it takes to succeed and are motivated to build community-owned assets in Detroit and Highland Park. With your help The Cooperation Group will develop and deliver customized curriculum and technical assistance to help these phenomenal people to build successful, sustainable cooperatives.  

Give Now to support our work in Detroit

Your one time gift will help us start 2016 with an enhanced co-op development curriculum adapted for the specific interests of each of our Partners.  

Join the Sustaining Supporter Program

Really love The Cooperation Group?  You can show it by becoming a sustaining supporter of our work with a monthly gift.  To become a sustaining supporter, please click here.

Sponsor a Cooperative Educational Series

The Cooperation Group offers popular education to entrepreneurial groups and community organizations considering cooperative development. Please email to sponsor a cooperative educational series in your community like the one we are doing with Conscious Community Cooperatives.

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